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By Marjorie Hope Rothstein

A couple of months ago in my Intense Stretch Yoga Class, a student stopped by to drop off an immensely rich German Chocolate cake that she prepared for the teacher’s birthday surprise gift.

Suddenly, after an hour and a half of extreme poses, the faint smell of dark chocolate fudge seduced me to check it out. I found out that this student, who seemed to have pretty good flexibility, was a gourmet chef. She works with top celebs, ceo’s and leading edge medical doctors. Studied at eCornell, this former stand-up comedienne who appeared on all the late-night talk shows, including a 10-minute stint/stunt on Johnny Carson, peaked my interest. Who is this lady who claims she bakes without any of the standard ingredients and prepares unprocessed, mostly raw food? (Vegan) In fact, the initial cake was prepared for our yoga instructor without wheat, dairy, salt, oil sugar (the SOS) and most of all no animal products.
This talented Chef AJ, is the reason why I decided to finally, once and for all, change my addictive eating habits. After decades of dieting, ad nauseum, and the upcoming fear of flying into my next decade an old, worn out and post-middle-aged fatty, I was determined to finally do something about it, with ease, joy, fun and the freedom from yo-yo diets. Watching my other fellow-post-menopausal boomerbabes try everything from the Master Cleanse to the HCG super diets and the old-standby Atkins, or the new ‘miracle’ shakes, tonics and elixirs guaranteed to make you slim and void of sensual pleasures.

I decided that if Sixty is the new Sexy, then I was going to have to find a way to enjoy food and the sybaritic pleasures of life, once and for all.

Chef AJ invited me to her raw food beginner’s class and after one bite of her ice blended chocolate shake filled with kale and other greens (which were undetected by my refined palate), I was in! She suggested that I take her 30 Day Challenge and become a part of “a live” community of fellow health seeking foodies who were all discovering a pathway to beating their addictions to the poor excuses of food. Of course, Chef AJ seduced me with a sampling of that German Chocolate Cake and I was hooked. Each week we would co-mingle at her intimate abode and learn about the keys to wellness through eating whole, unprocessed, alive food. After all, she is a maven who works with the top MD’s from True North Health Center (a detox clinic in Santa Rosa, CA), with notable names such as Dr, T. Colin Campbell, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyne, Dr. Doug Lisle (Forks over Knives, the movie) Dr. John McDougal, Dr. Goldhammer and Dr. Fuhrman (check out PBS for his special on vibrant health, ““> Many of this information were based on The China Study.

Chef AJ is the fulcrum to their programs where she leads the way to how to eat well, by demonstrating ingenious ways to health via her magical recipes. Just like the mesmerizing lady in the movie, Chocolat, who spins a web of magic and brings people together to enjoy the sweetness of life and discover the realm of the senses. Chef AJ is the Pied Piper to feeling great and losing weight.

In our thirty day Challenge, we have the support of daily e-mails and the bonding of strangers who are now friends, where we share our deepest secrets and celebrate the victories of overcoming addictions to processed foods, sweets and fats. We are taught that the food industry spends millions of dollars to make sure we become addicted to their products, compacted by the Pharmaceutical Drugs that keep us addicted to their quick fixes (where the side effects are sometimes worse than the curative effects) Many in the group are on their second round, and have beaten the clock with eliminating life threatening diseases through detoxing from the poisons they were consuming. Chef AJ was one of us, and cured herself of a precursor to cancer, so she is living proof that this works and committed to helping anyone and anyone who is willing to take on this challenge. From diabetes to high blood pressure, depression to severe addictions to sugar (alcohol) and fats, many of her students go on to further their education and become the leaders of their own groups.

As America becomes one of the fattest countries on the planet, we are also the most malnourished. If each person wakes up to the toxic world we live in and eliminates just one addiction, they will marvel at the baby steps and awaken to the miracle of health.

I am on my own journey and although I want to stand on the rooftop of my townhouse in Hollywood and scream out to my ‘hood’ the benefits of eating this way, I know how it feels to have someone proselytizing their way to salvation. At the risk of being obnoxious, suffice it to say that I will BE the example. The day I finally can fit into my skinny jeans (the old non-stretchy kind, circa 1991) without lying down on the floor and sucking my stomach and eliminating my breathing for a couple of hours. This time I am doing something to eliminate my aches and pains, from a so-called hereditary ‘bouts of arthritis, fibromyalgia and years of starvation which left me lacking in nutrients. Now I am eating my way to wellness, and although this is a thirty-day challenge to detox, I am convinced I will adopt this way of life as the norm, because I am free of cravings and satiated beyond desire.
For many of my friends, eating meat and dairy is still a ‘necessity’, so I will not preach this way. Every BODY is different and one must follow their own inner guidance on the road to wellness. After all, this is the 21st century! I keep hearing the line from Jim Morrison, ‘She’s a Twentieth Century Fox” and I’ve changed the word to Twenty-first.

Here are a few tips to explore this for you:

1. Chef AJ:
READ her book, Unprocessed: How to achieve vibrant heath and your ideal weight,
VISIT her sites:,,
JOIN her facebook page,

2.CHECK OUT Bill Clinton’s new diet, which saved his life. n-md-dean-ornish-md-about-bill-clintons-plant-based-diet.html

3. READ the book Forks Over Knives by T. Colin Campbell and Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr., watch the groundbreaking movie, 57

4. True North Health Center

5. The China Study

6. Optimum Health Institute, in San Diego, CA
The first step for Chef AJ to help her cure herself, and “where I was able to detox without having the pressure of being at work at the same time. So while I did go through some withdrawal, I was in an environment where I was actively learning about what foods caused disease and being nourished with the foods that could reverse the disease.”

Explore the vast network of wellness sites and you can change your life right now!

marg-oneLiving the 5-star life,Marjorie Hope Rothstein is a Fine Living Consultant and creative muse, guiding her clients to making conscious changes to live their best life now. Living it Up even in a Down economy, she has her finger on the pulse of the latest breakthroughs in wellness, vibrant health and natural radiant beauty while sharing it all in her columns.  Through the practice of experiencing Beauty4theSoul, her clients are creating a new blueprint for healthful lifestyle choices and alternatives, so they can awaken to the next stage of living in the fullness of a joyful life. As the quintessential Boomerbabe focused on simple pleasures, she believes that the future of health care is Self-Care and taking the first step is by visiting a wellness retreat or spa. As a spa trends specialist, journalist and personal lifestyle coach,  her motto is: The rest of your life can be the best of your life!

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Blueberries and High Blood Pressure

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My own blood pressure went up over the summer so I have been keeping an eye on the numbers every week. My increase in exercise and eating better I believe have again made a difference. ( My very first blog post was called “Biking my Weight Off” about losing weight to help decrease my blood pressure ) The last two weeks I have recorded normal numbers. Today I checked with 120/75. Earlier in the summer it got high as 150/98. I don’t know why my numbers got so high, but I plan to continue to keep careful watch.

As we all know, high blood pressure can lead to heart disease and that is very serious indeed.  Cancer gets a great deal of press (for good reason) , but the facts are heart disease is the number 1 killer in America. So doing everything I can to keep my numbers normal is a big priority. As a result, I have been reading a great deal on what can keep blood pressure numbers normal.

Most recently, I read about two new studies, in Orlando Sentinel, about how the low-sugar fruit of blueberries may help folks at risk of  high blood pressure. I want to share this information with you. I wrote another blog post about blueberries called “Another Reason to Love Blueberries”

A team of researchers at Oklahoma State University recently found that consuming  blueberries every day  can help reduce some heart risk factors, such as high blood pressure. Published in the Journal of Nutrition, the study researchers wondered weather eating blueberries, which are very high in dietary antioxidants, would help patients with metabolic syndrome  who were at risk of hypertension
Arpita Basu, an Oklahoma State University nutritional sciences professor and lead author of a study published in the Journal of Nutrition, found a seven- to eight-point drop in the systolic blood pressure of 66 pre-hypertensive men and women who included a blueberry drink in their diet once a day for eight weeks.

The participants in the study were a group of 66 men and women with pre-hypertension, meaning their blood pressure was elevated.  “They were above normal, but not quite at the stage of being diagnosed with hypertension,” said Arpita Basu, an OSU nutritional sciences professor and the lead author.

In the eight-week study, one group of patients drank a beverage made from two cups of blended frozen blueberries once a day — and continued to eat a normal diet. Another group of patients drank an equivalent amount of fluids and ate their standard diet.

After eight weeks, Basu said, researchers saw a seven- to eight-point drop in the systolic blood pressure of patients who had been drinking the blueberry beverage. Additionally, the patients received the benefits of antioxidants in the berries, as well, she said. Basu said consuming one or two servings of blueberries per day can help both pre-hypertensive and hypertensive patients get control of their glucose levels.

This is early research to be sure, but I plan to include even more blueberries into my own lifestyle. Thank God I love to eat them!

Our behavior, our future

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I live in Los Angeles.  I just read that  over half (55%) of LA County’s adult population are either overweight or obese. (You can read this too at We all know that there are many whom are overweight, but half of our local population? I’m still in shock.  On the other hand, countless articles have cited that obesity is “the great American public-health problem”.  This gets me thinking – if obesity is the leading cause of chronic disease (heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, stroke, and some types of cancer) then where does this weigh in on the health care debate, and why aren’t we doing more to prevent it?

Dr. Christine Olson, a professor of community nutrition at Cornell University ( recently published research citing that a mother’s weight gain during pregnancy has a direct association with the weight of her child in early life.  After following more than 200 mothers and children, Olson found that if the mother gained more than the recommended 25-35 pounds during pregnancy, her child was more likely to be overweight at age three. Yes, that’s age three.

Let’s pick up the thread and follow this would-be three year old. Her Mom, after a hard day’s work, fights traffic to pick up her daughter from  day-care.  On the way home, Mom stops for fast food.  After all, the kid is hungry and the convenience and low cost is alluring. (Plus, there’s the toy that comes with the meal.) The fast-food habit kicks in, and the food preferences take hold of the kid.  Fast forward to this same child now in school. Physical education has been  reduced  (and in some schools, completely eliminated.) The kid goes to the school’s cafeteria, where she is offered more available high-fat, low-fiber foods and sweetened drinks. In her neighborhood, the community has reduced sidewalks and areas for physical activity. After-school programs at parks are no longer offered. There is little that promotes recreation by walking or cycling. Mom and Dad, often at work, rely on the television and/or computer to keep the kid entertained. Furthermore, the contents of their refrigerator reflect the simple truth of the dollar:  the real price of soda has fallen 33 percent over the last three decades. The real price of fruit and vegetables has risen more than 40 percent. So it’s Coke and Pepsi that line the shelves. And I wondered why obesity is a national epidemic?

There is a clinical word for a way to help rectify our wrongs: “Population-Based Prevention of Obesity”.  A new, comprehensive, population-based strategy published in Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association ( recommends broad policy and environmental strategies that can help people adopt healthy behaviors, like being physically active and eating right. What does this mean? We begin to see the obesity problem as one that affects all of us and we take civic action to change it.  After all, we not only tax tobacco, we don’t even allow smoking in many public areas. Yet when I visit Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles, there is Mickey D’s in plain view right on the first floor. Should we tax soda?  Obesity-provoking cafeteria meals? Instead of government debating taxes back and forth, it would be wildly refreshing to see true change. The incentive should be repeated again and again: to a large degree, we control the future of our own health. J. Michael McGinnis, a senior scholar at theInstitute of Medicine has estimated that only 10 percent of early deaths are the result of substandard medical care. About 20 percent stem from social and physical environments, and 30 percent from genetics. The biggest contributor, at 40 percent, is behavior.

Here at we profile those over forty who are doing amazing things with their lives. A 94 year old runner, a trapeze artist in her late forties, an engaged full-time teacher who is still going strong in her late eighties. All of our storytellers thus far have had the blessings of good health. Let’s hope we can all help tip the balance toward healthy, active children so that the younger generation has just as much oomph! as their elders.

Biking My Weight Off

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I pulled into the parking structure of Toluca Lake Health Center, I remembered thinking it must have been almost two years since my last physical. I felt that I was in decent shape, but on the other hand, I did weigh more than I ever had in my life, nearly 195 pounds. But, I took great comfort in knowing that I have always been in good health, fairly active and blessed with good genes.

The nurse took me in and I sat down to get my blood pressure taken. Immediately the nurse’s eyes widened. I received the results of 141/91! At that moment, I did not know exactly what those numbers meant, but I knew it was not good. That surprised and concerned look in the nurses eyes told me enough.

I quickly found myself speaking with my doctor as he reviewed and studied the report carefully. He told me “If you come back next year with numbers like this, I will need to put you on medication.” I thought “What me..on medication?” He said ” You lose 5 or 10 pounds, that would do a lot.” I thought…that’s what I’m going to do……but how?

My thoughts went to a colleague of mine that rode his bike to work everyday. That left an impression on me. I also thought of the 94-year old runner that inspired me and countless other people in a small community in Northern California.

I swiftly made the decision to ride my bike to work three days a week with an impressive 22 mile round trip. Over several months, I ended up losing over 25 pounds, my blood pressure is now 129/82. The same nurse recently told me that the new numbers are about where my blood pressure should be and that I made a remarkable improvement. She asked me how I did it. “Biking to work,” I proudly replied.

What was it that got me on that bike three days a week? Quite simply it was the inspiration of my old colleague from the previous year and that 94-year old runner. They showed me the way to take a pro-active role on my own health. Yes, inspirational role models matter in our lives and my test results are proof of that.

Read more health.

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