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By Marjorie Hope Rothstein

A couple of months ago in my Intense Stretch Yoga Class, a student stopped by to drop off an immensely rich German Chocolate cake that she prepared for the teacher’s birthday surprise gift.

Suddenly, after an hour and a half of extreme poses, the faint smell of dark chocolate fudge seduced me to check it out. I found out that this student, who seemed to have pretty good flexibility, was a gourmet chef. She works with top celebs, ceo’s and leading edge medical doctors. Studied at eCornell, this former stand-up comedienne who appeared on all the late-night talk shows, including a 10-minute stint/stunt on Johnny Carson, peaked my interest. Who is this lady who claims she bakes without any of the standard ingredients and prepares unprocessed, mostly raw food? (Vegan) In fact, the initial cake was prepared for our yoga instructor without wheat, dairy, salt, oil sugar (the SOS) and most of all no animal products.
This talented Chef AJ, is the reason why I decided to finally, once and for all, change my addictive eating habits. After decades of dieting, ad nauseum, and the upcoming fear of flying into my next decade an old, worn out and post-middle-aged fatty, I was determined to finally do something about it, with ease, joy, fun and the freedom from yo-yo diets. Watching my other fellow-post-menopausal boomerbabes try everything from the Master Cleanse to the HCG super diets and the old-standby Atkins, or the new ‘miracle’ shakes, tonics and elixirs guaranteed to make you slim and void of sensual pleasures.

I decided that if Sixty is the new Sexy, then I was going to have to find a way to enjoy food and the sybaritic pleasures of life, once and for all.

Chef AJ invited me to her raw food beginner’s class and after one bite of her ice blended chocolate shake filled with kale and other greens (which were undetected by my refined palate), I was in! She suggested that I take her 30 Day Challenge and become a part of “a live” community of fellow health seeking foodies who were all discovering a pathway to beating their addictions to the poor excuses of food. Of course, Chef AJ seduced me with a sampling of that German Chocolate Cake and I was hooked. Each week we would co-mingle at her intimate abode and learn about the keys to wellness through eating whole, unprocessed, alive food. After all, she is a maven who works with the top MD’s from True North Health Center (a detox clinic in Santa Rosa, CA), with notable names such as Dr, T. Colin Campbell, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyne, Dr. Doug Lisle (Forks over Knives, the movie) Dr. John McDougal, Dr. Goldhammer and Dr. Fuhrman (check out PBS for his special on vibrant health, ““> Many of this information were based on The China Study.

Chef AJ is the fulcrum to their programs where she leads the way to how to eat well, by demonstrating ingenious ways to health via her magical recipes. Just like the mesmerizing lady in the movie, Chocolat, who spins a web of magic and brings people together to enjoy the sweetness of life and discover the realm of the senses. Chef AJ is the Pied Piper to feeling great and losing weight.

In our thirty day Challenge, we have the support of daily e-mails and the bonding of strangers who are now friends, where we share our deepest secrets and celebrate the victories of overcoming addictions to processed foods, sweets and fats. We are taught that the food industry spends millions of dollars to make sure we become addicted to their products, compacted by the Pharmaceutical Drugs that keep us addicted to their quick fixes (where the side effects are sometimes worse than the curative effects) Many in the group are on their second round, and have beaten the clock with eliminating life threatening diseases through detoxing from the poisons they were consuming. Chef AJ was one of us, and cured herself of a precursor to cancer, so she is living proof that this works and committed to helping anyone and anyone who is willing to take on this challenge. From diabetes to high blood pressure, depression to severe addictions to sugar (alcohol) and fats, many of her students go on to further their education and become the leaders of their own groups.

As America becomes one of the fattest countries on the planet, we are also the most malnourished. If each person wakes up to the toxic world we live in and eliminates just one addiction, they will marvel at the baby steps and awaken to the miracle of health.

I am on my own journey and although I want to stand on the rooftop of my townhouse in Hollywood and scream out to my ‘hood’ the benefits of eating this way, I know how it feels to have someone proselytizing their way to salvation. At the risk of being obnoxious, suffice it to say that I will BE the example. The day I finally can fit into my skinny jeans (the old non-stretchy kind, circa 1991) without lying down on the floor and sucking my stomach and eliminating my breathing for a couple of hours. This time I am doing something to eliminate my aches and pains, from a so-called hereditary ‘bouts of arthritis, fibromyalgia and years of starvation which left me lacking in nutrients. Now I am eating my way to wellness, and although this is a thirty-day challenge to detox, I am convinced I will adopt this way of life as the norm, because I am free of cravings and satiated beyond desire.
For many of my friends, eating meat and dairy is still a ‘necessity’, so I will not preach this way. Every BODY is different and one must follow their own inner guidance on the road to wellness. After all, this is the 21st century! I keep hearing the line from Jim Morrison, ‘She’s a Twentieth Century Fox” and I’ve changed the word to Twenty-first.

Here are a few tips to explore this for you:

1. Chef AJ:
READ her book, Unprocessed: How to achieve vibrant heath and your ideal weight,
VISIT her sites:,,
JOIN her facebook page,

2.CHECK OUT Bill Clinton’s new diet, which saved his life. n-md-dean-ornish-md-about-bill-clintons-plant-based-diet.html

3. READ the book Forks Over Knives by T. Colin Campbell and Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr., watch the groundbreaking movie, 57

4. True North Health Center

5. The China Study

6. Optimum Health Institute, in San Diego, CA
The first step for Chef AJ to help her cure herself, and “where I was able to detox without having the pressure of being at work at the same time. So while I did go through some withdrawal, I was in an environment where I was actively learning about what foods caused disease and being nourished with the foods that could reverse the disease.”

Explore the vast network of wellness sites and you can change your life right now!

marg-oneLiving the 5-star life,Marjorie Hope Rothstein is a Fine Living Consultant and creative muse, guiding her clients to making conscious changes to live their best life now. Living it Up even in a Down economy, she has her finger on the pulse of the latest breakthroughs in wellness, vibrant health and natural radiant beauty while sharing it all in her columns.  Through the practice of experiencing Beauty4theSoul, her clients are creating a new blueprint for healthful lifestyle choices and alternatives, so they can awaken to the next stage of living in the fullness of a joyful life. As the quintessential Boomerbabe focused on simple pleasures, she believes that the future of health care is Self-Care and taking the first step is by visiting a wellness retreat or spa. As a spa trends specialist, journalist and personal lifestyle coach,  her motto is: The rest of your life can be the best of your life!

Contact Marjorie at for a Free Copy of her Newsletter, Beauty4theSoul and if interested in learning more about
rejuvenation options, she is available for a personal coaching session.

Dr. John Horton on The Inner Game of Stress

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Dr. John Horton M.D. talks about his book “The Inner Game of Stress” and how stress attacks every aspect of our well-being. Dr. Horton also gives some tips about how we can tap into our own inner strengths.

Dr. John Horton on The Inner Game of from oomphTV on Vimeo.

My Journey with MS by Garth McLean

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It was a hot day in May 1996 when I found myself struggling to walk. Over the course of the previous month, I had been slowly losing feeling throughout my limbs and torso. With the heat, the tingling and numbness I had been experiencing spread to envelop my face and skull…I had lost feeling in my body from head to toe. It wasn’t just a pinched nerve as first suspected. Something was very wrong. After various medical texts, I was admitted to UCLA Medical Center where I was clinically diagnosed with Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis. Lesions had been detected in my cervical spine, thoracic spine and on my brain.
As I have always been a physically active person and not one to accept the role of victim, I asked my then doctor’s recommendation for my physical protocol. He suggested swimming and yoga, as long as I don’t overheat the body.

The initial protocol of intravenous steroids helped to get my symptoms into remission but along with the other medications prescribed for MS management, they do not offer a cure. With a pocketful of meds, I was released from the hospital and decided to explore some yoga – Iyengar Yoga to be specific – as the Iyengar system employs props to help the practitioner gain access to the poses in order to glean their potential benefits. So I made some necessary dietary and lifestyle changes, started yoga and chose to forego the medications.
The daily practice of Iyengar Yoga has had a profound effect on my course of the condition. However, my journey has not been without setbacks, as anyone’s might be who deals with relapsing-remitting MS, whether or not they are on the medications. The symptoms I have experienced over the years include: loss of feeling throughout my body, numbness and a banding sensation in the torso and limbs, difficulty walking, compromised gait, loss of motor skills to the point where I could not use a pen or use a fork to feed myself, optic neuritis (loss of vision in my right eye and compromised vision in my left); bowel and urinary incontinence; the L’Hermitte’s symptom (a symptom where electrical charges are felt throughout the body when moving the head in a forward fashion); fatigue and depression.

When I had two severe exacerbations within months of one another in 2001 – loss of eyesight in January 2001 (which returned within a couple of months) and loss of feeling from the navel down in June 2001, fear and doubt crept in and I started with the weekly protocol of interferon beta 1-A. As no medications offer a cure for the MS, I found the ongoing side effects of my weekly injections to be more challenging than the condition! While I am not advocating that people with MS ignore the benefits of the pharmaceutical approach in managing their course of MS, I personally opted for the side effects of a daily practice of Iyengar Yoga over the meds. In January 2004, I chose to once again forego the medication.
My agreement with my neurologist is to have an annual MRI to monitor the lesions on my brain. The MRI reports over the last five have been promising, showing a reduction in size of the brain lesions as well as consistently showing no change in activity – which is really good news. I have been able to successfully overcome the symptoms listed above and remain symptom free, with the exception of fatigue and the residual loss of feeling in my right leg and foot which results in strength and balance challenges on my right side. I see my doctor (Dr. Hart Cohen, Director of Multiple Sclerosis Research at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles) semi-annually to continually monitor my course of the condition.

With these results, I am hopeful and my outlook for the future is positive. Undaunted, I carry on with “courage and caution” as encouraged by Yoga master, BKS Iyengar.

Courage and Caution

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We profile Garth McLean and his unconventional battle with Multiple Sclerosis through Iyengar Yoga. The title “Courage and Caution” refers to the advice Yogacharya BKS Iyengar offered Garth upon learning of the challenges he faces with MS.

Courage and Caution from oomphTV on Vimeo.

The Roots of Food Addiction

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I am Linda D. and I am a food addict. When and where did this addiction come from? Aren’t we all food addicts to some degree or another? Everyone has to eat, right? These are some of the questions I’ve pondered during my meditation, during conversations, and on hundreds of other random occasions during the course of my working the FA- Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous program over the past 15-months.

Realizing that I was, in fact, an addict was the first step in my recovery. To these following questions, published in FA approved literature, I answered YES, YES, YES, YES…!

•    Have you ever wanted to stop eating and couldn’t? “Yah!”
•    Do you find yourself attempting one diet or food plan after another, with no lasting successes? “Totally!”
•    Do you eat differently in private than you do in front of other people? “U-ha.”
•    Has a doctor or family member ever approached you with concern about your eating habits or weight? “Yup.”
•    Do you eat large quantities of food at a time? “Sure.”
•    Is your weight problem due to “nibbling” all day long? “Partly.”
•    Do you eat to escape from your feelings? “Sometimes.”
•    Do you eat when you’re not hungry? “Often.”
•    Do you eat in secret? “I have.”
•    Do you frequently feel guilty or ashamed about what you’ve eaten? “Sadly.”
•    Are you waiting for your life to begin “when” you lose the weight? “Yes.”
•    Do you feel hopeless about your relationship with food? “I surrender!”

When I finally surrendered and said, “Enough is enough!,” that’s when my weight loss started. For me, and I think for countless other people, my addiction was in my head. I’m hard wired for flour and sweets. My problem default was to run to food when I was happy, sad, lonely, excited, celebratory, nervous, and God forbid, hungry. When did this chaos start? Well, let’s put it this way…as a child I named my first dog “Ralph” (named after the supermarket in my neighborhood.), my tortoise’s name is “Steak” (Yes,  “is” Steak because I still have him. He’s over 45-years old.), my baby doll’s name was “Sugar,” and I even named my cat after a popular cat food brand, “Frisky” (Wow! I just remembered that I used to sit and eat his cat food with him too. Ooooa!) I named things I loved after things I loved…food! My food addiction started a long time ago. Sugar and flour are drugs. They altered my chemistry. I felt different after eating them but I always wanted more.   How did I get it more? Being 7 years-old, what did I have to offer?   Boobies! The neighbor boys had candy cigarettes and I had boobies. It was the perfect barter. I carried that shame around for years. Food addiction started a long time ago for me.

Even with over 50 pounds of weight loss, I am still a food addict. With help, I have it in check one day at a time. There is no longer shame around my food or the way I look. The meals I make are made with ingredients that God intended me to eat—fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy and grains. Today, I cook better and more exciting meals than I did when I was heavy. Dinner used to be a bag of tortilla chips and salsa. Thank God those days are over.

If you think that you may be a food addict, there is a solution. Please visit to find a local chapter close to you and attend a few meetings.

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