Thousands of Web sites are devoted to health and wellness and new ones are added everyday. Since there is no FDA or FTC control of Web sites, beware of quacks selling quick cures. Some of the advice is snake oil, warns the American Medical Association. Legitimate authorities and government organizations such as those listed below are valuable sources of solid medical information, research and advice. Below are a few links to websites oomph! recommends.

The American Heart Association

A great resource of information anything to do with the heart. Check its Heart and Stroke A-Z Guide.

The American Society on Aging

The largest organization of professionals in the field of aging, their resources and publications are geared to enhance the knowledge and skills of people working with older adults and their families.

The Buck Institute

Dedicated to the elucidation of basic mechanism of aging and to the study of diseases that arise with increasing frequency in the aged.

The American Medical Association

On-line pages of its Health Insight Guide lead to sections called Specific Conditions: Family Focus: Doctor Finder: Hospital Finder.

Clinical Evidence

A compendium of the best available evidence for effective health care.


The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services link to more than 1,400 health sites.

Medline Plus

Health information from the National Library of Medicine. This site provides a guide to prescription and over-the-counter medications provided by the United States Pharmacopeia. Also provides a trusted medical encyclopedia.

The Mayo Clinic

This site is maintained by a team of Mayo physicians, scientists, writers and educators.

Mended Hearts, Inc

Cardiac support group, for over 50 years, offering help support and encouragement to heart patients and their families.

National Cancer Institute

A wealth of information on different types of cancers.

National Center For Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Learn and know what complementary and alternative medicine is all about.

The Scripps Research Institute

Private, non-profit research organization engaged in basic biomedical science.

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