Sheryl Crow: Great Expectations (part two)

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Thank you, LA Times Magazine, for allowing us to cover yesterday’s “Conversations on Health and Wellness” where Sheryl Crow gave the keynote address. As promised, we said we would report back to our audience on the event and on Ms. Crow’s anticipated speech.

All in all, very impressive! 500 people gathered in the Terranea’s Grand Ballroom, hanging on to every word that Sheryl Crow uttered. Relaxed and engaged,  Crow talked about her own experience with cancer and framed the day ahead. She explained that she was the epitome of someone who would never expect cancer, not that many people do. There was no cancer present in her family,  and at 44, she ate well, always had  routine mammograms, exercised, and maintained a healthy weight. When calcifications were discovered, she progressed to a needle biopsy. Fortunately, her physicians caught her cancer at stage one.  Yet,  the day she received the diagnosis her life, her world changed completely.

What was of interest was the positive spin Crow put on her battle, or should we say her ‘journey’ with breast cancer. She described what she has experienced as a diagnosis of opportunity, of not a ‘defining‘ moment but a ‘refining‘ moment. Over the last three years, Crow has become a student of cancer. She has found the joys and benefits of meditation and mindfulness. She has discovered serenity in a ‘sisterhood’ of breast cancer patients who have cheered her on from the sidelines. Her life has changed dramatically. She no longer puts everyone else before her self. She acts with honesty and dignity, and travels far and wide to call attention to cancer, just as she did before her diagnosis.

Clearly, the LA Times Magazine chose their keynote speaker wisely. Sheryl Crow is so much more than a talented musician.  She is you and me, and everyone else who is susceptible to disease. She has shown her wisdom of using her celebrity to demystify breast cancer, and we remain thankful that she has made that choice.

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  1. Jean Bernal says:

    Fabulous David, absolutely fabulous!!!

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