Sheryl Crow: Great Expectations

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Here at, we are excited to cover Sheryl Crow at this coming weekend’s “Conversations on Health and Wellness”, a first time event presented by the Los Angeles Times Magazine held at the Terranea Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes, California.

The choice of Sheryl Crow  presenting the keynote address at a convention that focuses on wellness is not exactly obvious. Crow has countless hits which have propelled her to “rock star” status to be sure. (We’ve learned that even President Obama listens to Crow’s songs on his Ipod.) Crow is a musician first, isn’t she?  Then, of course, is Sheryl Crow’s gorgeous physique.  A native of Missouri, she hardly carries that just-off-the-prairie image anymore. She is just drop dead gorgeous. (If you don’t believe us, just check out her recent photo shoot now featured on their site of the LA Times Magazine. Oh my, oh my!)

So where is the connection to wellness and Crow? Why her? Shouldn’t we be expecting a physician in this roll? Thankfully, no. Sheryl Crow packs a ton of star power, but clearly, her song “Every Day is a Winding Road” rings true in her own life and in all of ours as well. Crow has been on an amazing journey which has allowed her to become a new (and single) Mom. Gathering from tabloid fodder, she had her heart stomped on right before her breast cancer diagnosis in 2006. With that diagnosis, she has come out stronger, more purposeful, more informed. Her winning battle with cancer has touched the lives of thousands of women and has helped break the silence about this dreaded disease. We cheer her on. We say “Go girl!” and we really mean it.

In this month’s issue of Health magazine, Sheryl Crow shares her thoughts on diet and attitude. Her tips include eating lots of Omega 3s and viewing food not only for enjoyment, but for nutrition. Her candor is refreshing, as are her views on aging. Whereas the Health magazine headliner reads “How does she stay so young?” Crow counters this. “…I definitely am embracing aging. When you shoot your face with Botox and stuff, you rob yourself of your ability to have youthful expressions, and that’s why sometimes people look a lot older.”( I wonder if Sheryl knows that a plastic surgeon will be speaking at the conference! )

Is it coincidental that Sheryl Crow is releasing a deluxe two-disc edition of her debut album “Tuesday Night Music Club”this month? Or does she truly have information on wellness prevention that all of us should be paying attention to? Stay tuned to the second part of this blog which will be posted after we listen to her give the keynote this  Saturday. In the meantime, join us as in spirit as Crow plays ambassador at a conference that puts the face of wellness front and center. For more information, check out

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  1. Shane Shirley Smith says:

    Love this info.  She is totally against plastic water bottles as well.  Hi from Linkedin!

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