Rashida’s Wellness Journey

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It has now been two months since this video was taken and it’s amazing to see how far Rashida has come. She’s lost weight at the rate of about one pound per week, which is considered ideal because it signals healthy, permanent weight loss that is the result of lifestyle changes.

But there is so much more to Rashida’s journey than simply losing weight. In this video (Rashida’s video) she talks about how hard it is to get up and exercise in the mornings.

Nevertheless, she has stayed focused and committed to her morning workouts at All About You! Wellness BootCamp. She almost never misses a day and she does a variety of other physical activities on the weekends, and on some evenings as well.
She’s also made improvements to her nutrition. She’s incorporated a lot more vegetables, fruit and other whole foods. Rashida has such a down to earth, realistic attitude. She knows that giving up all her favorite foods would backfire, so she’s learned to enjoy them in moderation.

Rashida inspires others with her hard work, determination and positive attitude. It is an honor to have her in our fitness & nutrition program and it’s exciting to be a part of her wellness journey.

Elaine Miller, Co-Founder
All About You! Wellness BootCamp

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