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Okay, I admit it. I don’t know a thing about trapeze. My closest reference is the familiar song…”He’d fly through the air with the greatest of ease…The daring young man on the flying trapeze.” Certainly Pamela Rae doesn’t strike me as a typical trapeze artist. For one thing, she isn’t a man (yeah, that’s obvious) and she  clearly isn’t young. (Age is relative, though, isn’t it?) But Pamela Rae possesses a trait that so many people who take part in this graceful sport must have, and that is the trait of risk.

It’s funny how we seem to take more risks when we’re younger. We push ourselves, try new things, are more experiential, and then what happens? Do we fall into the rut of daily routine, or do we not create the time or energy to try new things? Do our brains develop and tell us that risk is a bad thing, or does the element of risk conjure up failures in life? Is risk suited to personality, or dopamine levels in the brain? Clearly, I don’t have the answers, but as the sport of trapeze is born from trust and risk, and I wonder  how its devotees trust enough to toss their entire body into the air and assume the right thing will happen on the other side.

Does anybody recall the Sex and the City episode titled “The Catch” (2003) featuring Sarah Jessica Parker thrusting herself into the air for the first time? From the few articles I’ve read, this episode helped catapulted the sport into the mainstream. There are now more than fifty trapeze schools and camps around the country. (,, just to name a few!)

The benefit of the sport includes the fact that the once on the trapeze, you work all of your muscles in one swing. You gain enough strength to be able to hold the entire weight of your body from your hands or knees. Coming from someone who has a very tough time executing even one  pull up, the idea of being fit enough to accomplish this is enticing and intimidating all at the same time. No doubt trapeze is a sport of training (training some more), preparing and doing.

Pamela Rae inspires me to put risk back into my life. It doesn’t necessarily mean that risk will translate in a physical environment, it may be on a personal level, be it personal relationships, a new business venture, or simply trying something new. All I know that my life has been  getting a wee bit too comfortable, and Pamela Rae makes me want to do more.

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