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My partner, Tammy 0’ Connor, read about a local long-distance run in our home town of Glendale California and wanted to cover this event for oomphTV. This will be the third annual 5K (3.1 miles) Glendale Downtown Dash taking place on March 14. Nearly 70 runners and walkers started preparing two weeks ago as part of an eight week training program designed to shape up the participants before the Dash.

The Glendale Downtown Merchants Assn. will host the Dash, which raises money for the Glendale Adventist Medical Center’s stroke services.  The event has raised nearly $100,000 for the hospital’s stroke services.
In addition to the Dash, participants were also asked to take part in the “Lose a Ton in 10” community weight loss challenge. This challenge urges residents to set weight-loss goals and pledge money for each pound lost. The funds raised will benefit Glendale Healthy Kids, a non-profit organization that provides health-care services to uninsured children. And the hospital will donate $1 – up to $2,000 – for every pound lost by residents.

Co-owners Elaine Miller and Narina Minassian, from a local gym called All About You Wellness Boot Camp, coordinate the work-outs. They aim to train local participants in the Dash and help them lose weight.

There are countless events and challenges across American like this one.  Tammy and I wanted to see the kinds of people that participate and help organize this kind of positive community experience. Raising money for those in need and getting yourself more healthy? This seems like a win, win for everyone.
After spending the first cold Sunday morning with the participants and the organizers, I can tell you it was worth effort. First of all, Elaine and Narina, the owners of the gym, were filled with great enthusiasm and designed a well thought out and easy to follow work out routine. The local participants were eager to join in and seemed ready to dive into the eight-week training program.

After the first workout program was completed, there was a weigh in for the “Lose a Ton in 10.” We then announced to the participants that we would be interested in interviewing and keeping track of a few participants progress during the eight week program. Tammy and I thought maybe one or two people might volunteer. We were shocked when nine participants stepped forward to be interviewed on the first day.

After interviewing the nine participants we found out that what got them active in “Lose a Ton in 10” was their deep desire to lose weight and get control of their own health. Pasadena resident Phyllis Cremer just turned 50, and is hoping to improve her health for the next 50 years.  We found out that another woman was also turning 50 this year and wanted to see her grandchildren grow up. She told us heart disease runs in her family and felt this year she was going to be the time to take action and make some positive lifestyle changes.

Tammy and I came away from this event very surprised by how much we were inspired by the energized owners of the gym and by the residents of our home town. We plan to continue to follow some of these residents and get back to you with their personal oomph! stories.

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2 Responses to “Inspired by a Local Weight Loss Program”
  1. jeannedowell says:

    Loved reading about “Fitness in Glendale”  What a unique idea.  This should go out on major networks to inspire other cities, town to do the same   .  .Look at our website and see how Gratitude can change your life  “”  We are selling s life style also.   Good luck!

  2. Karla says:

    thanks for the ideas!  I’m in charge of the Wellness program at my company so any new and fresh ideas are helpful!  Best of luck!

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