Eighty Plus Years Young Folks with oomph

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Eighty (and plus) years young folks with oomph!

By Michael Thomas Masters

Sometimes, even in my fifties, I can become drained and even lethargic.

Many factors tend to influence our energy levels and outlooks, which also can affect ones health, activities and peace of mind.

Therefore, it is amazing, and sometimes humbling, for me to witness those people further on in years than myself, even eighties plus, who continually exhibit incredible energy, stamina and inspiring oomph.
Take for example, the infectious energy, sharp mind and spirit of ninety-four years young actor, Ernest Borgnine (Marty and McHale’s Navy). The talented award-winning actor continues to make optimistic appearances on Turner Classic Movies, at numerous film festivals and at the 2010 Screen Actors Guild Awards. Borgnine earned an Emmy Award nomination at age ninety-two for his work on the series ER. What a sharp and interesting guy.

The incomparable Betty White (The Mary Tyler Moore Show and Golden Girls), nearly ninety years young, appears to have boundless energy and oomph to spare, presently co-starring on the TV hit series, Hot in Cleveland, which could garner Ms. White yet another Emmy Award this coming September 2011.
Stage, screen, television, recording and work out fitness phenomenon, Angela Lansbury (Gaslight, The Picture of Dorian Gray and Murder, She Wrote), is vital and active at age eighty-five. In the last five years alone, Ms. Lansbury appeared in three Broadway plays, receiving Tony nominations for all three and winning one for Blithe Spirit in 2009. Appearing live on stage certainly requires stamina and energy, at any age!

Two very active and vital actors from the 1960s memorable TV hit series, Star Trek, Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner, are going strong and maintain busy acting and lecturing careers, both at age eighty. They even occasionally pop up in TV commercials.

The dynamic and intelligent former U.S. President, Jimmy Carter, now eighty-six, works tirelessly and year-round for several humanitarian causes, as well as continues to admirably represent our country when he is called upon.

However, such vitality, energy and oomph do not just occur with well-known media celebrities.

Closer to home, I greatly admire my mother, Justina (Tina) Masters, who at eighty-one years young, continues to live a vital, active and oomph-filled life. Having raised five children (along with my father, her husband of sixty years, Robert Masters), while living, and working in eastern, mid-western and western U.S. states, Tina continues to be an avid book reader (especially mysteries). Mom has also traveled extensively throughout the United States.
Mom cross-stitches incredibly beautiful work (which I am the proud owner of ten), and also attends book club meetings, completes daily crossword puzzles and intricate jigsaw puzzles, visits church, and enjoys to shop. Additionally, she ardently keeps up on world issues and politics, as well as cooks, maintains a household, bakes, while always offering a helping hand to loved-ones and friends, and, well, you get the picture!

Being of sound mind and healthy body is essential at any point in our lives.

However, it becomes even more crucial as we all age. Keeping a positive attitude (as much as possible), which may sound simple and yet frequently can be quite hard, is crucial. Fill your mind with positive thoughts, as often as you can. Try your best to minimize the amount of negative people and negative events in your daily life. Learn something new or take up a new hobby, which is critical for all ages.

Look around in your personal world for inspiring people (of all ages) and not merely just media celebrities.

It is not always easy, but we each should strive to be our own on-going inspirations of oomph, for ourselves as well as for others in our lives.

Michael Thomas Masters can be reached at filmguy552003@yahoo.com

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2 Responses to “Eighty Plus Years Young Folks with oomph”
  1. Stefanie says:

    Mr. Master’s has hit the nail on the head. His outlook on life and the
    examples he gave are just a few of so many “spunkie” folks over 80+.
    The way we live our lives and our approach to the daily challenges is what
    keep most of us going. Live your life to the utmost as we only go around
    once !

  2. Kaye Swain says:

    What a great and encouraging article. And the fact that I am a trekkie and you mentioned my two fave Star Trek stars is NOT why I’m saying that. 🙂 At least, not the only reason. Kudos to your sweet mom. That’s my goal for all my life. Thanks for such a sweet read. Off to share this.

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