people with oomph!
People with oomph!

oomphTV informs, inspires, and gives voice to an aging population and baby boomers by featuring videos about health and wellness, and personal stories of challenge and triumph. With an emphasis on video, oomphTV aims to give people the proper tools to help those over forty take a more active role in their own quality of life. Although the U.S. is experiencing a demographic revolution, media rarely addresses the needs and interests of maturing audiences. oomphTV’s webisodes changes all that by relaying useful inspiration and information in an engaging way. Just click to begin your journey to awareness and action, all on oomphTV!

life with oomph!
Life with oomph!

People with oomph! inspire and motivate us to live life to its fullest.
Their stories reflect the adage “It’s not how old you are, but how you are old that matters.”

science with oomph!
Science with oomph!

Life with oomph! is a catalyst for learning about healthy aging. These webisodes show us the proactive steps we all can take to continue to be productive and engaged.

Science with oomph! looks ahead to cutting edge breakthroughs in science and medicine that will impact your future.

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