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Want to weight train but feel self conscious working out alone in a gym? Consider taking a group exercise class that focuses on weight training.

Studies have shown that weight training can reduce fat and increase lean muscle. It also reverses bone loss and boosts energy and balance! What a great way to look and feel more youthful!

Look for a weight training class at your neighborhood health club or YMCA. If you work at a company that offers on-site fitness, you may find a group exercise class there as well.
Here are some tips for making the most of your class:

1. Try to find a class that works balanced muscle groups (biceps and triceps, back and chest). Ideally, it should deliver a full-body workout.

2. The class should include both slow and fast tempos for the best workout. It should include both toning and strengthening exercises.

3. Choose a weight that enables you to complete the full range of motion for the entire set or sets. (Your instructor may use a heavier weight; don’t copy her if you can’t do the movements safely and effectively!)

4. Keep your hips, knees and toes in alignment throughout the movements.

5. Keep your shoulder blades back and down with chest lifted during the movements.

6. Stretch the worked muscles between sets to break up lactic acid buildup and reduce the risk of sore muscles.

7. Make sure the class performs a warm-up and cool-down.

8. Limit yourself to 2 or 3 sculpting classes per week with at least 24 hours between the classes to give your muscles time to recover.

9. Remember, weight training may not be appropriate for people with certain physical limitations. Check with your physician.

Armand Tecco is president of HealthEase, Inc. (www.healtheasefitness.com), a corporate fitness management company based in Wayne, PA. He can be reached at atecco@healtheasefitness.com.

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