Tips on How to Live to 100

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Those born after the year 2000 have more opportunity than ever to live to 100, according to new research from Denmark. Good news for kids, but what about us grown ups?
Genetics play a big factor, somewhere between 20% and 50%, depending on the experts you ask. That still leave over 50% up to you! Walter Bortz, MD, a clinical associate professor of medicine at Stanford University, suggests how you can improve your odds of a long and happy life:
• Bulk up on fruits and veggies, adds 5 years (plant-based whole foods diets reduce disease)

• Exercise five days a week, adds 2 to 4 years (move and elevate your heart rate for a half-hour a day, minimum)
• Reduce stress, up to 6 years (From meditation to music to movement to some sort of art therapy. Find what works for you)

• Get a hobby, adds 2 years (Provides a sense of accomplishment.)
• Floss, adds 6.4 years (Removing harmful bacteria reduces stroke and heart attack risks.)

• Vacation, adds 1 to 2 years (Leisure is a great stress reliever)

• Sleep seven to eight hours nightly, adds 2 years (Sleep assists cell repair.)
• Have Sex, adds 3 to 5 years (Releases feel-good hormones and burns about 200 calories, too!)

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