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The honeymoon is over

In the continuing saga of my volunteer efforts with one, special foster care child, there has been some change. To recap: She had been prescribed a large of drugs, but the court intervened and she was taken off many of them. When I saw J., on her birthday, she was much better. She was enthusiastic about the turkey sandwich I brought her (even though she probably would have preferred fast food). She liked the cupcake I brought her and the fluffy stuffed animal that was her presenn. She was engaging and charming. She has continued on the upswing. I brought her lots of presents for Christmas, as this organization gets donations. The standout: A Miley Cyrus CD.

According to the staff at J.’s group home, she has had a few breakthroughs lately. She remembered some of the abuse she suffered at home, and it seems like maybe she is on the verge of some kind of understanding of her situation. But for us, the honeymoon is over. The last time I saw her, she wanted to go back to school after about 20 minutes. “I will get homework if I am behind,” she said. I have a feeling it was because I asked her to talk about her feelings. Hey, I totally understand this kind of reaction after all I am the mother of a teen and a young adult. I had to respect her wishes, but told her I was disappointed. Next time, I will visit her at 4 p.m., after school, and hope to do something more active such as taking a walk around the grounds. We will see how that goes….

A few thoughts… I started this undertaking with caution. I wondered if I would be able to help in the dire situation of a child who is in an institutional situation and out of control. And, as I progress in this experience, I am filled with optimism that I can truly make the difference in the life of one child. I am still filled with sadness regarding the departure of my youngest daughter next year, but I feel hope and excitement about what I am doing for this child and hopefully those to come after her.

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