I’ve Always Been an Avid Bicycle Enthusiast

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I’ve always been and avid bicycle enthusiast. Years ago I’d ride my “ten speed” to work and play. When mountain bikes became popular I rode a “Stump Jumper” everywhere.  I even made it from my home in Sherman Oaks to La Jolla a few times.  These biking adventures have always been an important part of my physical conditioning and riding for me is just plain fun. 

One day, I stopped at a Pasadena Cycle Shop and it was there I first laid eyes on a recumbent bicycle.  See http://www.bentrideronline.com for more than you’ll ever need to know about recumbent bikes.  I rode a demo around the block a few times and I was hooked!!  Over the last ten years or so I’ve accumulated two recumbent bikes see  http://www.rans.com and a trike. http://www.wizwheelz.com I have a few quite expensive regular bikes hanging on hooks in my garage.  I can’t imagine doing any serious touring on them.  My recumbents are my bicycling loves.  Why? Fun! No strain on butt or wrists, mile after mile. It’s like riding along on a very comfortable lawn chair.  I can ride 60 to 80 miles one day and be ready to do the same the next day. 
As I run into bikers who are part of the colorful “spandex” crowd, I’m often asked about my recumbent.  My answer to them is that you have to experience recumbancy. “Put 50 miles or so on one and I dare you to go back to your regular bike.”

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