Mediterranean Diet Can Boost Brainpower

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A recently conducted study has revealed that Mediterranean diet can increase the brainpower. According to, diet with rich quantities of fruits, vegetables, cereals, olive oil and fish helps improve the brainpower. The study was conducted by the researchers at the Rush University Medical Centre, Chicago.

During the study, about 4000 people in their mid 60s were made to take cognitive tests followed by clinical interview. It was found that those who performed well in the tests and had lower cognitive declines were found to be having a routinely consumption of Mediterranean diet. The study spanned for a time period of over 15 years.

As reported by, the team of researchers also said that moderate consumption of wine together with intake of non refined grains may also help keep the brain in healthy condition. Cognitive skills include the power of the brain to recall numbers and symbols, which tends to face a decline with the growing age.

Researchers also mentioned about the importance of exercise in the study. “Finally, we want older adults to remember that physical activity is an important part of maintaining cognitive skills,” said Dr. Christy Tangney, lead researcher of the study.

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