How My Recovery with Food Addiction Led Me to Weight Loss

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My name is Linda and I am a food addict!  “A what?” you may ask, which is just what my husband asked when I told him. Yes!  I am a food addict; I am addicted to food.

One year ago, this month, I began a journey that took me to a beautiful, peaceful, healthy new place…the place where I now reside…in my right sized body!  In 6 months I lost 55 pounds, 40 of which I’ve carried around, thus far, through my entire adult life. Since high school I’ve been overweight and for the last ten years, although it’s hard to say, I was obese. The failed weight loss attempts over the last decade left me feeling powerless, moneyless, and depressed.   Last year, I was turning 40, living with high cholesterol, wearing a size 16 and resolved that this was just the way it was going to be.

Food had a stronghold on my life; I was addicted to it and still am, but I have learned to utilize tools that help me keep it in check, one day, one meal at a time. I found a solution!  Well, no, it found me—while sitting on a couch at a party in the Hollywood Hills. I had been observing a close friend experiencing gradual, yet steady weight loss.

That fateful, summer evening, she encouraged me to go to her Saturday morning meeting in Sherman Oaks.   It wasn’t Weight Watchers…been there, done that! I went, not knowing what to expect. There I listened to a speaker share about her experience, strength, and hope. She lived a life as a heavy person; I know because I saw the pictures! MY heartbreak, MY insecurities, MY story came pouring out of HER mouth. I cried. God, my dear friend, and this speaker, someone I didn’t even know, gave me a solution that has forever changed my life. I decided that day to join Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous (FA).

For three days I cried every time I thought about the new direction I was taking in my life. I was in mourning! I was mourning the death of three very close, yet caustic friends…flour, sugar, and quantities.  These friends were fun in the short run and, as I later learned, had filled a real void in me.  The aftermath that remained, however, was long lasting–obesity, greater depression, insecurity, high cholesterol, secrecy, detachment, and the list goes on.

Today, I am eating healthy portions of meats, vegetables, fruits, and grains. And today I have new friends:  Myself, God, people in my FA program, my family, and my old friends. These friends have always been here for me, but I wasn’t capable of receiving the gifts they carried.  Food was always in the way and now, with food in its proper place, I am free, peaceful, a size 6 (never dreamed that), 138 pounds (never dreamed that either), and a very proud, recovering food addict! I can sincerely say that I, by definition, NOW have oomph! I have more energy and vitality, feel sexy in my new body and gorgeous right sized clothes, and most importantly, I am enthusiastic about my life today. My future has 10-15 healthier years tacked onto its’ tail end. That, I am certain! Please revisit, for more entries about my journey with food addiction.

Also, please visit Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous (FA) at

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3 Responses to “How My Recovery with Food Addiction Led Me to Weight Loss”
  1. Phyllis says:

    Great article. I am also a Food Addict. It has taken me until the grand old age of 57 to decide to surrender to this solution. I have tried everything short of surgery and it hasn’t worked. Sugar, Flour and Quantities have actively influenced my entire life experience in a very harmful way and I am so grateful to be working a solution that makes these factors harmless. Thanks for sharing your recovery.

  2. Maria College says:

    Hi Linda, It’s Angel’s sister Maria. Your story is very inspiring. Angel has been telling me about how well your doing and feeling. Reading your entry was just the thing I needed to put me over the edge of at least trying. Progress not perfection, right? I’m 7 months post-partum and feeling so very frumpy and down. Even the idea of taking action is putting a little spring in my step. Thanks for doing what you’re doing!

  3. Anne Marie says:

    Linda- I totally agree but you know that already!!! Thank you for all you do. It is so important to tell the story – you make such a difference in this world. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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